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Icon Educate has 3 different types of student accounts to choose from in order to meet every school’s needs.

Student Basic is all the features of the Icon Educate App but allowing schools and teachers to create whatever content they wish based on their current student books and teaching materials.  Icon Educate will assist in setting up the structure (modules/chapters) of the courses while teachers create the lesson content using the pre-made assignment types or uploading their PowerPoints to the interactive whiteboard.

Teacher accounts, head teacher account, and parent accounts are free with annual student accounts.

Student Pro is all the features of the Icon Educate App with pre-made content for schools and teachers to choose from.  Icon Educate has already structured courses and activities across 15 subject areas based on numerous student books currently used by many schools.  If a school has a specific student book that is not available, Icon Educate can assist in create basic course content for their teachers to use and build on.

Teacher accounts, head teacher account, and parent accounts are free with annual student accounts.

Student Hybrid is all the features of the Icon Educate App plus pre-made content for schools and teachers.  Schools can create their own content or choose from existing content.  Icon can also provide offline, printed science and math workbooks for students to use instead of, or with, tablets or computers.

Icon Educate has developed 3 courses of lower secondary maths and integrated sciences. The content is divided into modules with each math module consisting of 5 to 8 lessons and each science modules consisting of 2 to 4 lessons.  Schools can choose from 38 math modules with over 200 individual lessons and 58 science modules with over 175 individual lessons to create their own unique math and science courses.

*** Read more about printing student workbooks for schools to provide student for offline learning in connection with use of McGraw-Hill textbooks ***

Teacher accounts, head teacher account, and parent accounts are free with annual student accounts.

Icon Printed Workbooks For Math and Science

Some schools have their own resources and books that they use with Icon Educate to create interactive learning for their students. Other schools wish to try something new that is ready to use without having to develop their courses. That is where Icon can help with our printed math and science workbooks provide to schools for the cost of printing only.

Note:  The workbooks are in connection with the use of McGraw-Hill textbooks only and are not available with other publishers or textbooks.

These workbooks mirror the pre-made interactive whiteboard presentation provided for the teacher to use and outline the content from McGraw-Hill textbooks used within the classroom. The workbooks are also provided in eBook format within Icon Educate and include an eLearning multimedia presentation.

There are 2 ways a school can use the Icon Educate pre-developed math and science resources. Both ways come with pre-made interactive whiteboards, eBooks, and eLearning but for those schools not ready to have students use devices in the classroom, we provide printed versions:


Schools can choose to use any textbooks, course materials, or resources they want with Icon Educate. Their teachers can easily use their own PowerPoint to upload into an interactive whiteboard. They can also upload any other resources they want to share, such as documents, video, etc. which match their current curriculum and course.

Because Icon also has printing services through Icon Group, the printed workbooks can be provided to school at the cost of printing and shipping as a supplemental learning tool.  The workbooks are full color using 70gm white paper and hi-gloss PVC coating 130gm covers. Schools can choose any quantity they wish for use in the classroom so students have an offline resource to use in the classroom that mirrors the teacher’s math or science presentation so students can follow along and take notes.

Some things about Icon workbooks:

  1. The workbooks supplement a purchased McGraw-Hill course textbook.
  2. The workbooks are portable and lightweight.
  3. The workbooks are modular so a school can pick and choose the order of topics they want based on their school curriculum.
  4. The printed workbooks mirror the teacher’s premade interactive whiteboard so students can follow along and easily take notes.
  5. The workbooks provide white space for students to take notes or do translations.
  6. The workbooks include concept checks and sample problems.
  7. The workbooks include free eBooks and eLearning delivered via Icon Educate (not downloadable).

The topics are perfect for lower secondary school math and science classes.

Currently there are:

  • 38 math modules with over 260 math topics covering Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry.
  • 58 science modules with over 175 science topics covering integrated science – Earth, Life, Physical.

If you would like to learn more about Icon’s printed workbooks for Icon Educate courses, please feel free to contact us.

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